CVT Transmission

You won`t want to ever drive anything else

Everything always runs smoothly with the continuously variable transmission design (CVT). An intelligent interplay of hydraulic and mechanical forces ensure economy, without having to relinquish full power. A unique new-generation driver experience.

STEYR presented its first tractors with continuously variable transmissions (CVT) in 1999. The engine and transmission are regulated automatically by the S-tronic system depending on load, and easily controlled with the Multicontroller or accelerator pedal (parallel mode).
In 2000, STEYR launched the first tractors with continuously variable transmissions (CVT) in the power range 120 to 170 hp. This revolutionary technology is today still the benchmark in the higher power classes.
In 2016, the 40.000th tractor equipped with CVT transmition has left STEYR factory.
The transmission revolutionized the way to drive a tractor and led to the development of CVT in Europe. The CVT transmission is designed to maximize efficiency and reduce fuel consumption. It has infinite gear ratios that provide the operating controller logic to find the perfect balance of power and efficiency for the work you need to do.​


The CVT control logic, as required, delivers the right response characteristics for the transmission. A choice of 3 levels can be set on the accelerator pedal. Together with the tractor-trailer brake when a trailer is being towed, this improves safety during retardation, preventing the trailer from shunting the tractor. This means that the entire system is adapted perfectly at all times to suit prevailing operating conditions.​


The rugged transmission unit with double-clutch technology assures superlative power transmission. Working without traction interruption means improved acceleration and reduced fuel consumption.​


The gear ratio is automatically adjusted to suit the desired vehicle speed and the engine speed always remains in the optimum range. That also save fuel.​

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