The first 75 years

Since 1947, STEYR has stood for reliable, robust and innovative tractors, renowned for their superior standards of quality, comfort and value. Proud of our history and always ready to embrace new ideas, we will go on designing and manufacturing the best and most efficient tractor technology, just as we have during our first 75 years.

Three-quarters of a century has passed since September 29, 1947, when Leopold Haider, a farmer from Steinbach, Steyr, in Upper Austria, drove away his green STEYR 180 with chassis number 1001, the first of a model which became legendary. That day surely changed his life, and marked the beginning of change for thousands of other farmers through the years that followed.

That’s because every STEYR tractor range has always been more than contemporary: each has been a little bit ahead of its times. Our unquenchable passion for perfection and innovation led us to explore new territories and to create new and more efficient technologies to satisfy our customers’ evolving needs.

From the iconic STEYR 180 to the first ever CVT tractors and on to our latest Hybrid Drivetrain Konzept, the proudly ‘Made in Austria’ STEYR tractor technology and quality help farmers look to the future with confidence and determination. Because they have STEYR by their side – now and for the next 75 years.

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