Max engine power HP(KW)

117 (86)


Standard transmission

S-Control 2 - 24x24 2-speed Powershift with Powershuttle, 40 kph

Every farmer deserves a PLUS

The ultimate all-round versatility for today’s modern mixed and livestock farms. Whether it is doing loader work, working with front or rear mounted implements, transport, or even in confined spaces, the PLUS delivers maximum performance and comfort. The bold and dynamic look express the force of our modern design, that makes it look like larger high-power tractors.
A 3.6 l FPT Industrial engine, with power from 80 to 117 hp, gives a wide choice of models to fit all end users’ needs.

Ease of use is a great PLUS

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  • Plus in versatility

    Class 1.0 HD and 1.5 HD front axles to suit all needs, complete loader package from factory for loader plug-and-play, up to 16.9 R38 tyres and increased Gross Vehicle Weight of 7,000 kg emphasise the multiform talent of this series.

  • Plus in comfort

    New cab suspension for a smooth ride, new clear display of the machine’s parameters and settings, Hi-Visibility roof panel, Brake to Clutch and Variable Ratio Steering help to make long working days much more comfortable.

  • Plus in productivity

    Powerful and efficient 3.6 l FPT Industrial engine with power from 80 to 117 hp, 80 l/min pump for increased responsiveness, up to 5,000 kg lift capacity, and new light package provide the right equipment to produce more with less.

  • Plus in precision

    S-Guide Autoguidance ensures up to 1.5 cm pass-to-pass and year-over-year accuracy, allowing accurate application of production inputs. With 5 years S-Fleet Telematics, agronomic decisions can be taken on-the-go thus improving productivity and efficiency.


Service solutions for your farming

From the very first stages of every model’s development, we think about how best to provide aftersales services for your STEYR product.