Precision Farming

Precision Farming

S-Tech is revolutionising agriculture: autoguidance, data management, operation of all attachments with ISOBUS functions, etc.

  • Precision Farming


S-Fleet lets you remotely monitor and manage your farm, fleet and data, allowing you to optimise your performance, productivity and flexibility.

Accuracy levels

Customise your precision farming technology exactly to your needs and objectives.


Discover the wide range of our colour touchscreen monitors to optimise your workspace according to your needs.

Guidance and steering

Adopt STEYR autoguidance and steering systems, and reduce skips and overlaps, save on fuel and labor costs and simplify operation.

ISOBUS Solutions

STEYR ISOBUS solutions suit every type of business and provides you with the flexibility you need to automate your operations.

Ready to get started?

Ready to get started?

Configure your new STEYR tractor. Customize it the way you want.