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Just like the legendary classics, the type 80, 84, 86 and the Steyr Plus series, which were once found on almost every farm, the Steyr Kompakt S was developed together with our customers and features excellent manoeuvrability - which makes it the perfect working implement for front-loader operations in animal sheds and around the farmyard. Best-in-class visibility and optimum handling, it’s economical, light and manoeuvrable like a small tractor - yet at the same time is as spacious, reliable and powerful as a bigger machine. The ideal all-rounder - for working in the farmyard, in livestock units and on grassland.

A true all-rounder

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  • The spacious comfort cab on the Kompakt with its flat floor is modelled on the design of its larger brethren. Readily accessible from both sides, it satisfies all requirements for an optimum workplace. The ergonomics of the control elements, comfortable seats for driver and passenger, excellent acoustic insulation and an equally good ventilation and air-conditioning system deliver perfect conditions. The tilting front, rear and side windows also provide optimum all-round visibility, as does the roof window with sun roller blind.

  • The new FPT Stage V engine not only delivers its power at nominal speed, but starts doing so right from the fuel-saving level of 1,300 rpm. This not only helps to keep fuel consumption low while hard at work, but also enhances ride comfort because it keeps noise and vibration levels relatively low too.

  • Depending on application profile and the job in hand, there is a choice of several transmission variants enabling engine torque to be delivered to the driven wheels and PTO(s) as efficiently as possible.

  • The Kompakt S models have a robust mechanical hitch regulation (MHR), while the Kompakt models 4075 to 4115 have a choice between MHR and electronic hitch regulation (EHR). The rear-mounted hitch with an external auxiliary lifting cylinder offers maximum lift capacity of up to 3,700 kg. The optional second auxiliary lifting cylinder offers lifting capacity of up to 4,400 kg.

  • Its unrivalled manoeuvrability makes the Kompakt flexible and universally operational. With a turning radius of just 3.82 m the Kompakt S remains manoeuvrable even in very confined spaces. The Optistop system automatically engages all-wheel drive as soon as both brake pedals have been actuated. The optional disc brakes on the front axle also help to deliver safe 4-wheel breaking. An electrohydraulic differential lock or limited-slip differential guarantees full traction under any conditions.


Precision Technology

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Aftermarket Guidance Solutions

Manual guidance with lightbar

Aftermarket Guidance Solutions

Raven’s lightest and most cost-efficient 7-inch display CR7 display with the affordable, entry-level GNSS receiver 500S.

Aftermarket Guidance Solutions

Advanced steering

Aftermarket Guidance Solutions

The CR12™ display specialized in accurate, complex path planning and the RS1, a fully scalable steering solution.


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Find your perfect STEYR in a few steps with the Configurator. Build the STEYR you want and select the options that will make it perfect for your daily operations.


Service solutions for your farming

From the very first stages of every model’s development, we think about how best to provide aftersales services for your STEYR product.