Repeatable accuracy to fit the way you farm

S-Guide is a fully integrated auto guidance control system to ensure parallel pass-to-pass swaths and to eliminate skips and overlap. Your tractor will automatically follow a line with up to 1,5 cm accuracy. The system is available factory installed or can be retrofitted easily on STEYR guidance ready vehicles.

Use S-Guide during tillage operations with implements such as a cultivator or disc harrow to reduce skips and overlaps, map the ground you have worked, and save fuel and labour costs.

  • The ultimate flexibility

    Six guidance patterns are offered for the ultimate in guidance flexibility, allowing you to work in different patterns and shapes that best fit your operation’s field layouts and contours:

    • Straight
    • Heading
    • Curved
    • Spiral
    • Field
    • Circle
  • A wide range of accuracy

    With Infomat 1200 monitor equipped
    • EGNOS
    • S-TECH I and S-TECH II
    • RTK +

    With S-Tech 700 Plus monitor equipped
    • EGNOS
    • RTK + opt. GLONASS

  • Be more profitable and precise than eve

    S-Guide maximises your productivity and efficiency across your operation. In using controlled-traffic patterns, you minimize field compaction and further improve your agronomic performance. 
    The system hallows you to continue working in poor visible situations and results in reducing operator fatigue.

Optimise your operation on sloping fields

Optimise your operation on sloping fields

Terrain compensation calculates the difference between the GPS antenna’s location and the actual desired position of the vehicle’s center point on the ground, no matter what slope the vehicle is on.

To make these calculations, sensors such as accelerometers and gyroscopes, can be mounted in different axes to compensate for roll, pitch, and yaw. When mounted on the roll axis the sensors are used to measure the grade of the ground and how fast that grade changes. Using this information, the system can then tell the difference between a bump and a slope and compensate the position of the vehicle accordingly.

When the sensors are mounted on the pitch axis they are used to compensate the vehicles position when driving up or down a slope/hill.


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