ISOBUS Solutions

The industry-standard communication protocol

ISOBUS is a set of communication protocols based on International Standard ISO 11783 conceived specifically for linking agricultural tractors, implements & software. This is the result of an agreement between the main manufacturers of agricultural machinery and equipment to solve compatibility problems, standardising communication among different implements, regardless of the manufacturer.

With ISOBUS, any operator can take a STEYR tractor, plug the ISO implement into it and begin working. They don’t need to recall settings or do any additional setup because everything is loaded to the terminal immediately.

  • Share a common language

    A standardised, compatible link between the tractor and the attachment, whatever the brand, controls all your ISOBUS devices using the S-tech touchscreen monitor. Just plug it in – all STEYR tractors are wired up on delivery – the necessary technology is factory-fitted.

  • ISOBUS Class II + Class III:

    • Expert CVT series
    • Profi CVT series
    • Impuls CVT series
    • Absolut CVT series
    • Terrus CVT series
  • Up to 2% savings on your operation with Section Control

    Section Control helps lowering your input costs of farming operation in eliminating double applications of seed and fertiliser.

  • Less wastage, fewer skips and higher yields with Variable Rate Control

    Variable rate technology allows prescription application of inputs. It helps you more efficiently apply nutrients to a fully integrated platform that gathers data during every phase of production, ensuring fewer trips across the field.

  • STEYR is one of the founding members of the Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF).  
    The AEF has developed a Database of Certified ISOBUS Products to help operators, dealers, and others check ISOBUS compatibility amongst equipment and components by showing exactly which ISOBUS functionalities each machine supports. The AEF ISOBUS Database can be accessed via its website ( and via a smartphone app.   
    You will be able to configure your tractor/implement combination and immediately see whether the selected combination is ISOBUS compatible and with which common ISOBUS functionalities it is equipped.

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