Farm management

Farm management

Get more done each day and optimise your time by easily organising your fields, applications and agronomic data.

Manage your farm

Managing your fields and your data can be time-consuming. S-Fleet optimises your time by easily organising your fields, applications and agronomic data. With a wealth of information at your fingertips, you can boost your operation’s performance.

Data visualisation for better agronomic insights

  • View data in near real-time for all your seeding, application and yield activities
  • S-Fleet brings together data from multiple machines working in a single field
  • Access your data: agronomic, topographic, weather, equipment, subscriptions, profitability

Push guidance lines and subscriptions to equipment remotely

  • Provide operators with just the necessary field information from a single location
  • Share field setup details, such as guidance lines, boundaries and subscriptions
  • Satellite or street view lets you choose the view that best suits your needs

Access to your field reports

  • Capture all of your critical farming information on the go or directly from your equipment
  • View and edit your farm's manual and automatic records over the selected season
  • Access activities that have been recorded automatically or added manually by partners linked to your account

Fleet management

Efficiently track your equipment‘s location & viewing machine parameters in real time.

Manage your fleet

When all your equipment operates efficiently with little to no idle time, you get the peace of mind that comes with working smarter and knowing that you’re doing all you can to make the most of each growing season. Our goal: to help ensure it delivers the machine-tracking capabilities you need to make the most of your time, while enhancing equipment performance for maximum productivity.

Your own fleet overview

  • The landing page provides key fleet information and detailed performance
  • Customisable information according to your parameters for each vehicle type
  • Your fleet overview can be filtered to make it easier to find vehicles

Track your equipment's locations

  • Quickly visualise and locate your connected equipment on the map
  • The map view automatically zooms in on your at-work machines
  • Tooltips show the main machine's performance information

Vehicle details page

  • Get information about the recent operations
  • Find a 7 day report of vehicle status by hours and fuel usage
  • Monitor vehicle status, hours, idle time, hectares per hour and fuel levels

Fault history and notifications

  • Fault history: includes pop ups shown on the in-cab monitor, filter fault messages by severity, fault ID date...
  • Notifications: Configure and set-up notifications for each piece of equipment and receive them via web or text messages (speed, oil pressure, engine load...)

S-Fleet Mobile App - Go anywhere, see anything

Receive updates on your daily operations:
  • See, share and manage data on the go, in real time, from any device
  • View updated machine telematic data and fault codes remotely

The ultimate solution for when you're on the move

  • Live vehicle map allows to find machines’ location and and get driving directions
  • Share vehicle info, location and directions link with various apps (e.g. What’sApp) on your phone
Data management

Data management

Securely share your farm data with third-party partners, anytime, anywhere.​

Share with third-party partners

  • Wirelessly transfer data in both directions between S-Fleet and trusted third-party suppliers
  • Initiate a connection between accounts from either the Connect Portals or the partner’s software
  • Connected data partners include: RAVEN, MyEasyFarm, Cropwise and more
Mixed-fleet solutions

Mixed-fleet solutions

Benefit from a comprehensive solution for sharing data thanks to our partnerships with DataConnect. Our goal is to give you the power to share and access data where and when you want.

Solutions for mixed fleets

STEYR customers can benefit from an extensive offering for sharing data thanks to two recent partnerships:

  • With new DataConnect, CLAAS, 365FarmNet, John Deere and New Holland, mixed-brand fleets owners can look forward to easier data exchange and management without compatibility issues via a cloud-to-cloud interface.


DataConnect is a new cloud-to-cloud interface, in partnership with CLAAS, 365FarmNet, John Deere, New Holland and Case IH. Mixedbrand fleets owners can look forward to easier data exchange and management without compatibility issues. Data such as your current and previous location history, speed, work status or fuel level can be viewed via the STEYR S-Fleet telematics portal.
Real time telematics data: Location (current + historical) / Speed / Work status / Fuel level
Support and Services

Support and Services

Get the ultimate connectivity and a support proactive dealer assistance.

Maintenance and scheduling

As a vehicle approaches a scheduled maintenance interval, your dealer will proactively work with you to schedule maintenance visits while the machine is not being used.

Keep operators on the field

  • Your dealer’s dedicated support staff can view and explain a machine’s critical operating parameters and settings without having to drive to your location.
  • The screen sharing function allows your dealer to quickly identify issues and suggest changes to optimise your productivity

Remote support

Remote service allows support professionals to verify vehicle indicator codes from your fleet, anticipate future issues, troubleshoot and provide software updates in real time.


Register and manage all your machines and access the telematic portal S-Fleet!