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Genuine Parts

STEYR is committed to optimizing your performance. This is why we've created an extensive range of Genuine Parts to fit your machines perfectly. Built to the highest standards, just like our new machinery, these replacement parts will keep your machines in top condition today and in the long term.


If you look around you, you will see an abundance of electronic devices. What’s the common point between all these electronic objects? The battery. STEYR provides a battery with innovative and advanced technology, adapted to your working needs and workplace environment.


Your machines working in tough conditions, the belts will be submitted to high peak load and strong vibrations. To drive on the field every day you will need high quality belts that are robust to enable high power transmission, and efficiency to limit fuel consumption at all times.


All STEYR bearings contribute to the proper operation of our equipment and increase your profitability and your customers’ satisfaction. Only STEYR bearings guarantee optimum quality and lasting performance over time.
Engine Air Filters

Engine Air Filters

Made for protect the engine, it allows air to pass in sufficient quantity and rids it of impurities insuring a very high efficiency, it retains dust down to 1 micron, after passing the filter, 99% of particles are retained. Keep in mind that a good air filtration allows to reduce fuel consumption.
Fuel Filters

Fuel Filters

STEYR Fuel Filters are made specially adapted to your engine’s needs; the filter removes the tiniest particles to ensure the clean fuel circulation and quality. Fuel are full of contaminant and water which, if not filtered, can cause damages to key parts, like injectors.
genuine lightining

Genuine lighting

Optimal visibility is the key to increasing productivity at night while working in complete safety. Genuine lighting is made for the challenging agricultural environment, built to withstand dust, humidity and vibration extending life span and keeping you in the field longer.
Steyr seat

Seat Covers & Floor Mats

Given the long hours you spend in your cab, making sure you are more comfortable is one of our main priorities. Quality, reliability and resistance to aggressive environment, that's what our tailor made seat covers & floor mats promise for your comfort in the cabin and for the protection of your seat, floor and tractor.
Hydraulic Motors

Hydraulic Motors

Convert Energy into performance with genuine Hydraulic Pumps & Motors. With our optimised and extremely reliable Genuine Hydraulic Motors & Pumps, gain in productivity and comfort. Put the pressure into the hydraulic acuators but not on you.
Hydraulic Filnter

Hydraulic Filters

Choosing the STEYR Original quality of hydraulic filters is the guarantee to protect efficiently the key components of the machine while extend its lifespan.

Hydraulic Cylinder

Genuine Hydraulic Cylinder Efficient Power Transmitter. With the multiple performance tests they passed, their resistance to high temperature and their accuracy, choosing our Genuire Hydraulic Cylinders is choosing the performance
Cabin air filter

Cabin Air Filter

Having clean and fresh air in your cabin is crucial if you want to work in good conditions. Our Cabin Air Filters will provide you maximum comfort during your work, letting and will protect from outside dust and pollen.


With genuine turbochargers by STEYR, reduce your risk of failure: Made of high temperature resistant materials. There is no better alternative to our original to keep your engine running efficiently, maintain its peak power and torque capabilities.
Oil Filter ​

Oil Filter ​

Choosing the STEYR filter is the guarantee to protect the engine from the finest particles which could endanger it without a optimal filtration. It is the key to ensure a perfect job in between 2 maintenances.
genuine window

Genuine windows

Genuine windows offer maximum quality in safety, comfort and accurate fit ensuring a safe and comfortable working environment and protecting your investment.
Starters and Alternators

Starter & Alternators

Genuine Alternators keep your battery charged and power your machine's electrical system. Together with the Genuine Starters they ensure your engine starts every time you turn the key. YThey are manufactured with the greatest care, meeting the strictest standards and quality control demands.