STEYR Konzept

What requirements will a tractor have to meet in future?

Top-efficiency ahead

Together with FPT Industrial, we asked ourselves this very question before developing the STEYR Concept. This concept combines innovative technologies in a hitherto unique way to create an environmentally friendly, yet efficient and, above all, functional tractor concept.

At the heart of the system lies a modular hybrid electric drive, comprising a combustion engine, a generator, and several electric motors. The selection of these components creates a compact vehicle design and allows for an optimum overview of the vehicle.

This will provide farmers with a wide range of benefits in future, including enhanced ride comfort, additional flexibility and options, and unparalleled performance in the fields and on the roads.


STEYR Hybrid technology

All electric motors are networked in the STEYR Concept so that power is always available where it is needed most for the situation at hand.

An e-torque boost, fed from a central battery, supplies additional energy at peak power. The result of this system is a highly efficient electric continuously variable drive. A mechanical transmission and hydraulic components in the powertrain are therefore surplus to requirements. This ensures fewer moving parts, an optimum energy flow and fewer power and energy losses.

Tractor hydraulics and PTO are electrically driven, with the latter allowing variable engine speeds as well as reversing. 700 V and 48 V connections are available for electrical implements.

The option of recovering and storing energy, when descending slopes for example, is another benefit of electric motors. The engine can also be charged at the plug socket.


Electric hub motors for perfect single-wheel drive

The intelligent 4WD of the concept tractor provides optimal power transmission. The four electric hub motors are supplied with energy from the battery or generator according to need. Individual control allows for outstanding traction and precision steering.

Dual zero-emissions driving

In purely electric mode, the STEYR Concept enables zero-emissions driving, in relation to both exhaust emissions and noise pollution. Whether for farmers or local authorities, the tractor is the ideal fit for environmentally sensitive areas, such as in urban environments, close to residential areas, in stables or greenhouses. Unlimited availability is a major feature of the STEYR Concept.

Outstanding operator experience, ultimate in ride comfort

The innovative tractor concept with interacting cutting-edge technologies provides for an unrivalled operator experience.
Handling has been significantly improved by the immediately available torque, which is evident in the engine’s immediate response. Moving the centre of gravity closer to the ground ensures better stability, while 4WD steering and individual wheel speeds allow for a smaller turning circle. The low noise pollution and unique single-wheel suspension of the vehicle provide additional comfort. The new cab concept, with large glazed sections and integrated cameras, creates the ideal all-round view along with improved safety.
1STEYR Konzept internal

Precision farming re-thought

The STEYR Concept is also carrying forward new solutions in relation to precision farming equipment. A drone equipped with crop sensors, which flies ahead of the tractor during field work, supplies real-time data.
For the first time, a digital farm office is used in this concept tractor, allowing farm management from the convenience of the tractor, and operation via an integrated display in the right-hand side window. A head-up display facing towards the front, projects all key vehicle information into the operator’s field of vision.