Electronic front linkage

With control of application pressure for safe mowing on steep slopes, and a better mowing result.

Our electronic front linkage, with control of application pressure, ensures your safe moving on steep slopes, and a better moving result.

With the electronic front-mounted hoist (EFH) you have the optimum system with electronic front-implement load relief. The ground pressure is kept consistently low, and can be individually controlled by the operator. This means enhanced control of front-mounted attachments, such as mowers, front packers and many others.

Flat terrain


Standard front-mounted hoist

The entire weight of the front mower is supported on its sliding plates. The high pressure on the ground reduces the quality of grass and silage and is very rough on the terrain itself.

EFH Electronic front-mounted hoist

The load sensor on the EFH control valve detects the ground pressure exerted by the front-mounted attachment and allows the operator to adjust the ground pressure from the cab. Lower ground pressure exerted by the mower means better mowing results and helps conserve the soil. The adjustable load on the front axle makes it easier to steer the tractor and increases safety on gradients and slopes.

On the slope


Standard front-mounted hoist

On a standard front-mounted hoist, the height of the front-mounted implement is slaved to the position of the front wheels. However, those front wheels do not react to irregularities in the terrain surface until after the front-mounted implement. This means that the pressure is applied in the first instance to the implement, while the pressure applied to the wheels is reduced. This damages the turf being mowed and soils the mowed grass with earth.

EFH Electronic front-mounted hoist

The load sensor of the EFH automatically detects changes in the ground pressure exerted by the attachment on even ground, and raises or lowers the attachments accordingly to keep the pressure constant. This results in better grass quality, it protects the terrain, optimises steering characteristics and enhances ride comfort for the driver.