STEYR Central Tyre Inflation system

Protect ground and increase efficiency: optimal driving conditions on the road and best protection for fields and grassland with STEYR CTIS.
Steyr Absolut 6240

Tailor-made tire pressure control system

In cooperation with STEYR engineers, the Austrian company TerraCare GmbH has optimally adapted the tire pressure control system to STEYR tractors. This offers the customer the highest level of reliability and simple, intuitive operation. The pressure can be changed while driving and at any speed (depending on the tire load). Optionally, only the tractor rear wheels can be filled preferentially by means of a preset time delay.

  • Lower consumption
  • Less tire wear
  • Greater soil protection
  • Less slip and higher pulling performance
Steyr Terrus CTS

Two versions for every space requirements

You have the choice between the standard version and a flat version of the rotary joint for minimal space requirements.

A prepared trailer / device can easily be controlled with STEYR CTIS.

An additional compressor that compresses air in an air reservoir. This air can quickly be used to inflate the tires. In the highest expansion stage, admission time is 10 times faster than the standard STEYR CTIS.

Everything under control

ISOBUS control via Infomat/S-Tech monitor or standard control via an additional terminal. But both have the same goal of making your work as easy as possible. There are 3 different driving areas as standard. Field 1, field 2 and street. The pressure can be pre-set. The tyre pressures get automatically adjusted to road pressure when reaching an adjustable vehicle speed threshold.
Steyr - standard control

Standard Control

Control via an additional terminal. All functionalities can be operated with the additional terminal.
Steyr - ISOBUS control

ISOBUS Control via informat / S-Tech touchscreen monitor

- Fully automatic control process
- Axles can be controlled individually
- Automatic switch to road mode if the speed is too high
- 3 driving areas (field 1, field 2, street)
- Additional compressor with air storage as an option
- Trailer control as an option
- Slope compensation with trailer control as an option