Engines that provide maximum power and decrease fuel consumption, emissions and costs at the same time.

The HI-eSCR technology of STEYR engines offer more power and less fuel consumption, for stage IV emission level.
Cost effectiveness, productivity and easy operation thanks to an innovative engine concept, the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology, and S-Tronic.
The SCR technology let the engine breathe thankt to a better cooling package. Cool running and quiet, SCR is an engine exhaust after-treatment system that works outside the engine in the exhaust system. Rather than interfere with engine performance, it actually improves it. STEYR Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology improves:
  • Fuel economy
  • Horsepower
  • Engine responsiveness
STEYR ECOTECH. The technology of tomorrow already today.

More productivity

STEYR engines provide with a higher torque than the competitors'.

The engine performance makes up to 31 hp more available for PTO or transport work: an increase in performance of up to 15 %. An additional 10 % in performance is delivered by simply reducing engine speed to 1900 rpm.

The intelligent S‐tronic system controls engine‐transmission management and adapts the whole drivetrain to the current operating conditions.


Intuitive, easy handling, familiar work environment, the cab on a STEYR tractor makes it easy for you to operate.

The controls are arranged ergonomically and logically, integrating the Ecotech functions to make things as convenient as possible for the driver.


The implementation of SCR technology lowers diesel consumption by 10 % on average.

STEYR engines provide with industry best fuel efficency: for 1€ adblue you save up to 7€ fuel!

Our sister company, FPT Industrial, is one of the leading world players in engines, axles and transmissions for the Industrial sector.
These extraordinary results are the outcome of the work and commitment of STEYR and FPT Industrial teams.


We believe that this is the only way to reach real sustainable growth.

The HI-eSCR after-treatment system adopts a catalyst converting NOx into Nitrogen (N2) and Water (H2O) thanks to the chemical reaction with a Water-Urea solution. In the end, the integrated CUC eliminates the remaining ammonia (NH3). The result is a reduction of NOx superior to 95%.
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