STEYR is contemporary in both thinking and actions and is a leader in development. The brand offers the perfect balance between traditional values and the technologies of tomorrow.

Since its beginning, STEYR has always been a leader in expertise and technical innovation. With new ideas, practice-related technology and an open ear for customer requirements, STEYR sets new standards that contributed decisively to shaping the agricultural landscape.

Today, STEYR is perceived as a leading brand with optimal price-performance ratio, high service quality and high resale value. Group internal component manufacturers such as FPT Industrial engine technologies are recognized as leaders in Europe.

With the introduction of the continuously variable transmission (CVT) and the Multicontroller armrest, STEYR sets new standards in the ease of operation of technology that is constantly increasing in complexity. Intuitive, logical and simple to use, by focusing on these characteristics, STEYR remains user-friendly even with the most innovative technology.

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