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Terrus CVT

There is a choice of three models, equipped with ultra-efficient and reliable engines, one rated for 250 hp, and the others for 271 and 300 hp. With its ideal power-to-weight ratio, the Terrus CVT is predestined for rapid transport duties as well as for heavy-duty field work. This, our most powerful tractor, also has other strengths - in particular exceptional levels of comfort: A spring-mounted front axle combined with a luxurious and remarkably quiet cab make work a relaxed and fatigue-free activity. Also on board: the very latest technologies, such as S-TECH Precision farming, ISOBUS III enabling tractor operation to be controlled by the attachement, as well as S-FLEET telematic solutions. Gigantic power delivered - the new TERRUS CVT.


Our engineers have gone to extraordinary lengths to build a tractor that really does have what it takes to deliver stupendous performance. The outcome: The Terrus CVT, the new flagship of STEYR.

The rear-mounted PTO with 4 speed settings and the optional front-mounted 2-speed PTO deliver their rated speed of 1,000 rpm even at engine speeds as low as 1,853 rpm. In PTO economy mode, these PTO speeds can be achieved at engine speeds of less than 1,600 rpm. That means you not only save fuel, but also protect the engine and the environment.


Terrus CVT: The modern way of driving a Tractor. All models impress with their reactive steering system and high payloads, which extend up to 6,300 kg. They are all fitted with wet dual disk brakes (4 disk brakes on the rear axle). In heavy-duty transport, these HD brake discs, being more resistant to wear, deliver a longer service life. This perfect interplay of all components ensures a unique new-generation driver experience.


As independent tests conducted by the DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft) show, the Terrus CVT is incredibly efficient: a fuel consumption level of just 249 g/kWh in the DLG PowerMix!

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