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Profi CVT

The innovative Profi CVT with 4-and 6-cylinder engines from 116 to 145 hp, S-ControlTM CVT transmissions and ISOBUS III offers the absolute maximum in terms of comfort and driver assistance. This series stands for great efficiency and equally high levels of comfort: fuel-efficient ECOTECH engines, active stationary control and double-clutch technology as well as a completely revised design meet every wish in full. With the Profi CVT you can get to grips with everything you tackle - not least due to the remarkably powerful hydraulic system.


Frequently, on the Profi CVT and Profi models, you can simply forget about recurrent processes. The on-board intelligence of the integrated automatic system takes care of all of that, greatly simplifying work and delivering even higher levels of productivity - no matter whether your tractor is engaged in winter work, road maintenance, heavy-duty transport or is operating a front loader. With the Profi CVT and Profi, every task can be completed more quickly and more simply than ever before. At the same time, both models deliver optimum safety and convenience.

The Profi CVT has one of the largest cabs in this class of tractor. The Multicontroller delivers optimum workplace ergonomics with backlit control buttons. These make it easier and safer than ever before to operate during the hours of darkness. In addition, the armrest has an integrated S-TECH 700 monitor. This is ISOBUS-compatible. It enables attached implements to be operated easily, and also permits the integration of steering systems.


The Profi CVT, as its name indicates, employs the continuously variable transmission S-ControlTM CVT with active stationary control, individually adjustable cruise control settings and reduced fuel consumption.


The hitch and the auxiliary control units are powered by a high-performance CCLS hydraulic system. With 113 l/min on the Profi and 125 l/min on the Profi CVT, they deliver more than enough pressure for every attached implement. With up to four auxiliary control units at the back, and three more in the middle in front of the cab, both models are ideally equipped, even for challenging implement attachments. Also, thanks to the clear layout of all the controls, operation of up to seven auxiliary control units is intuitive, effortless and safe.

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