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Profi Classic

The Profi Classic is the economical entry-level model in the Profi class. This tractor delivers with its effective engines, rated from 116 to 145 hp, its superlative cab comfort and its professional ease of operation. In addition, every model is equipped with electronic control modules, a highly developed fuel injection system and HI-eSCR technology.


The intercooled turbo diesel engines satisfy the guidelines of the EU Level IV exhaust emissions standard and delivery superlatively economical power for every conceivable practical application. The 4-stage powershift transmission on the Profi Classic, as its name indicates, is able to shift gears under load while on the move, without the need to operate a clutch. The direction of travel can be changed using the Powershuttle lever on the steering wheel.

The Profi Classic really can deliver in terms of convenience: wide-opening doors, an ergonomic operating environment, a pleasant airconditioning unit, and a standard high-visibility window make the Profi Classic unique in its class.


The Profi Classic also convinces at night: the control panel is well illuminated, headlights and adjustable lamps light up the ground ahead and the entire working area. Optional additional lights make it possible to drive on roads even with front-mounted implements.


The hitch and the auxiliary control units on our STEYR Profi models are powered by an OCLS hydraulic system (open oil circuit) or by a CCLS hydraulic system (closed oil circuit) at a displacement rate of 80 to 125 l/min. This system assures full performance at the right time and at the right place.


The S-ControlTM 4, 4-speed power shift transmission with Powershuttle and 16 x 16 gears in three gear groups (crawl gear optional) is standard on the Profi Classic.

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