Special Forces


Our STEYR Multi models satisfy all the requirements you could wish for from a universal tractor. They deliver superb all-round visibility as well as optimum safety and convenience. These tractors are ideally suited to use in the municipal and forestry sectors, and in land care applications. Work on difficult terrain is also no problem for the Multi. Despite weighing only 4.5 tons, it is powerful enough for harsh wintertime operations, using front loader systems or cable winches, and for driving a wide range of implements.


Flexibility made in Austria. Our Multi models simply answer every need. Powerful torque, fuel-efficient engines and the 4-stage powershift transmission with its automatic function make them into genuine all-rounders. They have a convincingly low centre of gravity coupled with fabulous manoeuvrability on any terrain.

The Multi uses turbo diesel engines with common-rail fuel injection, setting new standards in terms of traction, elasticity, economy and environmental compatibility. All engine variants are ultra-modern ECOTECH units. Compared to conventional diesel engines, these deliver more power and consume substantially less fuel. Nitrogen oxide emissions are also reduced by up to 90 percent. At the same time, these engines display their powerful torque and their continuous power output across a broad band of engine speeds. They are also outstandingly reliable.


The transmission with automated shift action was developed specifically to provide tractors with a universal range of applications. It performs all the clutch operations for the driver and shifts automatically into on-road mode. Traction and power output also adapt to suit the prevailing situation. The power of the engine is transmitted to the driveline and PTO with ultimate standards of efficiency. The 4-speed PTO benefits from perfect power distribution for every application. The PTO reaches its maximum power output at an engine speed of just 1,900 rpm. In ECO mode, the PTO speeds of 540E and 1,000E are reached at just 1,500 rpm.

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