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Kompakt S

Just like the legendary classics, the type 80, 84, 86 and the Steyr Plus series, which were once found on almost every farm, the Steyr Kompakt S was developed together with our customers. The Kompakt S features excellent manoeuvrability, best-in-class visibility and optimum handling. It’s economical, light and manoeuvrable like a small tractor, yet at the same time is as spacious, reliable and powerful as a bigger machine, making it the ideal all-rounder.


Our Kompakt models are economical, manoeuvrable and easy to operate. They embody many decades of experience. The spacious cab with excellent visibility and its ergonomic design was derived straight from the larger STEYR tractors.

The particularly generous allround glazing and the roof window on the Kompakt offer you superb visibility over the entire working area. All models are equipped with adjustable worklights which assure excellent visibility under all weather conditions, and also at night.


Configure the transmission to suit your individual requirements: from a simple, mechanical 12 x 12 transmission – the Kompakt S (optionally with creeper gear and reversing shift) to the 2-fold powershift (24 x 24), Powershuttle and creeper gear (optional).


These Common-Rail turbo engines, rated from 58 to 114 hp, are longlasting and economical. The almost legendary productivity of the Kompakt is an outcome of its inbuilt dependability. For example, the STEYR OptiStop function automatically engages all-wheel drive as soon as both brake pedals are depressed.

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