Special Forces


You can choose from a total of seven models. Outstanding transmission design ensures excellent performance and provides the range with its name: CVT stands for Continuously Variable Transmission and describes a gearbox with a continuously variable ratio. The ECOTECH engine concept and its environmentally friendly Hi-eSCR 6.7 L turbo diesel system with intercooling and Common Rail injection, complying with EU emission level IV, ensures sustainable cost-effectiveness.


Whether working under the harshest of winter conditions, engaging in the most arduous of road maintenance operations or the power-sapping recovery of bio energy, or, indeed, undertaking heavy-duty, special-purpose transport operations, the STEYR CVT is the tractor you need. Its powerful range of 6-cylinder, intercooled turbo diesel engines can deliver between 150 and 240 hp. Also, its S-TRONIC management system means that engine, transmission and all moving components can be networked and coordinated. Our CVT is incredibly versatile and comfortable to operate.

The S-TRONIC delivers perfectly matched and efficient power. That is because it always sets the lowest possible engine speed, thereby achieving maximum productivity with optimum fuel efficiency. This enables the STEYR CVT, for example, to save costs during transport work by reaching 50 km/h at just 1,550 rpm.


The electronically controlled diesel engines effortlessly take care of all power work even at low engine speeds. The CVT range today covers a rated power range of 150 to 240 hp. The main working area of the engine, between 1,500 and 1,900 rpm is always able, thanks to PowerPlus, to deliver an extra 20 hp of power at all times.


The load sensing hydraulic system in the CVT is based on a variable displacement pump with a flow rate of up to 173 l/min. Up to 8 independent consumers can be supplied with oil at the same time. The displacement volume and duration can be adjusted individually for each consumer. This guarantees excellent response from all of the consumers.


Every one of our CVT models has a Multicontroller armrest and the option of a STEYR S-TECH 700 monitor. Which means that all functions and settings can be programmed at any time. To deliver even more control precision and productivity, the CVT is also compatible with ISOBUS systems.

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