Terrus CVT

There is a choice of three models, equipped with ultra-efficient and reliable engines, one rated for 250 hp, and the others for 271 and 300 hp. With its ideal power-to-weight ratio, the Terrus CVT is predestined for rapid transport duties as well as for heavy-duty field work. This, our most powerful tractor, also has other strengths - in particular exceptional levels of comfort: A spring-mounted front axle combined with a luxurious and remarkably quiet cab make work a relaxed and fatigue-free activity. Also on board: the very latest technologies, such as S-TECH precision farming, S-GUIDE automated steering system, S-TURN II automated turns, ISOBUS III and Easy-Tronic II headland management system, as well as S-FLEET telematic solutions. Gigantic power delivered - the new TERRUS CVT.

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