The brand new STEYR Multi is the most versatile tractor in its class. Developed in cooperation with farmers and manufactured in the Lower Austrian town of St. Valentin, this tractor positively exudes fresh design concepts and an unrivalled level of comfort. Indeed, the tractor comes with an unusually luxurious and quiet cab. Front axle suspension and the new Multicontroller armrest deliver additional benefits in terms of driver comfort and convenience.


The new STEYR Multi is the most innovative tractor in its class. It delivers everything that farmers expect from a universal tractor. Developed together with 700 farmers and manufactured in the Austrian town of St. Valentin, it embodies true multifunctional capabilities and an outstanding level of comfort.

The Multi's new front axle suspension makes even long stretches of work a genuine pleasure. It ensures outstanding driver comfort and increases traction on soil cultivation work. The left and right side access cab with its Multicontroller armrest offers maximum comfort and safety in all situations.


The new FPT F5 4-cylinder common-rail engine (Stage V) with Hi-eSCR2 exhaust gas treatment and AdBlue not only delivers its power at nominal speed, but starts doing so right from the fuel-saving level of 1300 rpm. This means diesel consumption and emissions are particularly low.


Thanks to the new automated 4-stage powershift transmission with Power Clutch and 32 x 32 gears, 40 kph at 1,730 rpm is a reality. 13 gears in the main working area ensure greater efficiency and versatility. Both the gear change time and shuttle performance levels can be programmed. Operation is simple and user-friendly on the Multicontroller armrest.


The rear hoist and hydraulics on the new Multi do great things . The rear hoist features Electronic Hoist Control (EHR) and lifting capacity of up to 5600 kg. An axial piston hydraulic pump (CCLS) with a displacement of 80 l/min for up to 5 mechanical control units or one axial piston hydraulic pump (CCLS) with a displacement of 100 l/min are available. Depending on requirements, the new Multi can also be fitted with two additional control units for front loader attachments.


The new Multi is ideally suited for front loader work. All connections for the implements have been fitted ex-factory. Each model can be fitted with the 3720 SF front loader, exclusively developed for STEYR. Control is child's play and is assured via the joystick integrated in the armrest.


Each Multi model was developed with the objective of delivering its full power efficiently, reliably and safely to the ground. This means engines, transmission, drive axles, steering and brakes are perfectly coordinated. So the Multi delivers exactly what you expect in all respects: outstanding mobility and versatility. With its optimised running gear, the Multi is just at home in the mountains as on the plains, and works in the field just as efficiently as it does in the forest, on the farm or on the road.



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