Kompakt Serie

The Kompakt class from STEYR is revolutionising the cost-benefit calculation process. The models are light, manoeuvrable and flexible. Equipped with the proven technology of its larger brethren, these models are ideally suited to virtually all kinds of application. Engines with ratings of 58 to 114 hp and a superlative power-to-weight ratio guarantee optimum efficiency.

Kompakt S

Just like the legendary classics, the type 80, 84, 86 and the Steyr Plus series, which were once found on almost every farm, the Steyr Kompakt S was developed together with our customers. The Kompakt S features excellent manoeuvrability, best-in-class visibility and optimum handling. It’s economical, light and manoeuvrable like a small tractor, yet at the same time is as spacious, reliable and powerful as a bigger machine, making it the ideal all-rounder - for working in the farmyard, in livestock units and on grassland. For hill farms and those in alpine locations.


El nuevo Kompakt de STEYR revoluciona el cálculo de costes y beneficios. Es ligero, maniobrable y flexible: equipado con la probada tecnología de los grandes tractores, el Kompakt es la herramienta ideal para prácticamente cualquier aplicación. Los motores con entre 74 CV y 114 CV y una excelente relación potencia-peso, garantizan una eficiencia óptima en las tareas de pastizales.

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