Our STEYR tractors are the perfect work machine. They provide the maximum levels of reliability, comfort and efficiency. There is a choice of ten models: the family members Kompakt S and Kompakt, the multifunctional Multi, the expert Expert CVT, the uncompromising Profi Classic, Profi and Profi CVT, the passionate Impuls CVT, the ultimate Absolut CVT and our strongest the Terrus CVT.

Terrus CVT

There is a choice of three models, equipped with ultra-efficient and reliable engines, one rated for 250 hp, and the others for 271 and 300 hp. With its ideal power-to-weight ratio, the Terrus CVT is predestined for rapid transport duties as well as for heavy-duty field work. This, our most powerful tractor, also has other strengths - in particular exceptional levels of comfort: A spring-mounted front axle combined with a luxurious and remarkably quiet cab make work a relaxed and fatigue-free activity. Also on board: the very latest technologies, such as S-TECH precision farming, S-GUIDE automated steering system, S-TURN II automated turns, ISOBUS III and Easy-Tronic II headland management system, as well as S-FLEET telematic solutions. Gigantic power delivered - the new TERRUS CVT.


There is a total of seven models available, with a power range of between 150 and 240 hp. Outstanding transmission design ensures excellent performance and provides the range with its name: S-ControlTM CVT stands for Continuously Variable Transmission and describes a transmission with a continuously variable ratio. The ECOTECH engine concept and its environmentally friendly Hi-eSCR 6.7 litres turbo diesel system with intercooling and Common Rail injection, complying with EU emission stage IV, ensures sustainable profitability.

Absolut CVT

In the field or on the grasslands, for transportation or for industry: the STEYR Absolut CVT is tailor-made for any challenge and designed to be practically the ultimate workhorse. The continuously-variable transmission and numerous technical innovations give this series excellent working and operating comfort, complemented by unrivalled economy. A choice of four machines ranging from 185 to 240hp is available. One thing they have in common: the unique transmission guarantees superior performance.

Impuls CVT

The STEYR Impuls CVT is your reliable partner for many different jobs. Whethers it’s farming, transportation, or industrial challenges – the three models of the Impuls CVT series are technical masterpieces as well as economical choices. First class operating comfort and intelligent engineering unite for an unmatched tractor concept. The choice of engines ranges from 150 to 180hp, perfect for anyone’s requirements. In other words: it turns your work into pleasure!

Profi Serie

Providing efficiency and versatility with a fresh design look, our Profi series is impressive in field and pasture work and in the farmyard. There is a choice of three versions with a total of 15 different models, ranging from 116 to 145 hp.

Expert CVT

The new STEYR Expert CVT with its STEYR familiar look, targets customers who need a high performance tractor packed in compact size with superior comfort. S-ControlTM CVT transmission, Stage V engine with HI-eSCR2, a 110 l/min high performance CLSS hydraulic pump, front axle and cabin suspension as well as a spacious cab are some of the new tractor’s convincing features. This tractor is one of our responses to developing requirements of our customers, as the Expert CVT now makes CVT technology available in the 100hp segment. Only the best is good enough for experts.


The brand new STEYR Multi is the most versatile tractor in its class. Developed in cooperation with farmers and manufactured in the Lower Austrian town of St. Valentin, this tractor positively exudes fresh design concepts and an unrivalled level of comfort. Indeed, the tractor comes with an unusually luxurious and quiet cab. Front axle suspension and the new Multicontroller armrest deliver additional benefits in terms of driver comfort and convenience.

Kompakt Serie

The Kompakt class from STEYR is revolutionising the cost-benefit calculation process. The models are light, manoeuvrable and flexible. Equipped with the proven technology of its larger brethren, these models are ideally suited to virtually all kinds of application. Engines with ratings of 58 to 114 hp and a superlative power-to-weight ratio guarantee optimum efficiency.

SZ/SF Frontlader

Agricultural machinery and implements made by Steyr are tailor-made for farming requirements so that you will always be satisfied with the results. STEYR front loaders - especially developed for Steyr tractors - are high performance tools characterised by their excellent responsiveness to increase your productivity.

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