We have much more to offer! Beside St. Valentin plant tour, we can recommend to exciting visits such as Voestalpine facilities and the Museum of Agrículture Techniques. Enjoy!

Voestalpine Stahlwelt

From cutlery to cars, razor blades to skyscrapers, and railway tracks to rocket ships. Immerse yourself in the voestalpine world of knowledge and experience. You will be amazed by what makes voestalpine so successful and steel so diverse. During the plant tour, you will get to see the production equipment up close and learn about one of the most important materials of our time.  

Opening hours: 
Monday–Saturday: 9:00am–5:00pm
Sundays and public holidays: Closed
Duration: Stahlwelt 1.5 hour, Stahlwelt incl. plant tour 3 hours  

Admission prices for groups of 15 people or more: 
Stahlwelt entry EUR 4.00 + plant tour EUR 8.00

Children under 6 years of age are not allowed to take part in plant tours for safety reasons. Guided tours are conducted in German and English. We recommend wearing sturdy footwear and stain-resistant clothing.​

Museum of Agriculture Gallhuberhof

From trusty steeds to iron horses – technology in the halls!

Horse capstans, steam engines, ignition flange motors, gas engines – there are some 60 pieces on display. Steyr-Daimler-Puch: from bikes (old-style) to cars (Steyr "Baby"), and from the Puch T3 to the production of Steyr 26hp tractors and trucks, the BMW R71 — the list goes on. From the first small 12 Lanz crude oil tractor to the large Russian K-700 threshers, combines and much more.
No other museum has such a diverse range of exhibits on offer. An experience for young and old!  
Opening hours for groups and bus tours:
Monday–Sunday: Open all year round
Tour duration approx. 1–2 hours
Admission prices for groups:
Adults EUR 4.00
Children (6–14 years) EUR 2.00​

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